The Four Times to Respond and the Three Times to Listen

We've talked about why and who should keep a close eye on your business' social media feeds, and now it's time to go over how to respond to all of the tweets, shares, and comments about your business. All of that feedback is a great source of unfiltered news, but the sheer amount can be overwhelming.

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Who Should Keep An Eye On Social Media?

In our last post, we talked about why social media monitoring is so important for generating leads for your business. Today, we'll go over which groups should monitor your company's channels and how they benefit.

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Three Reasons to Monitor Your Social Media

Social media, when managed properly, can be a great asset to any business. Last month, we talked about how to set up a simple and quick social media plan for your business with SKC's Weekly Social Media Checklist. Now that you have a plan, monitoring your channels is the gas that keeps your machine running.

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How to Set Up a Quick and Easy Weekly Social Media Plan

Among the hustle and bustle of your growing business, it’s easy to forget the little things. A mere 140 characters feels so unimportant compared to that big meeting and looming deadlines. Social media can drive brand awareness and generate leads, but keeping the machine running takes up your valuable time and resources.

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Building Your Own Lead Generation Machine


Generating high quality, and quantity, leads is crucial to any marketing campaign. Successful lead generation keeps sales brimming with new prospects and hardly requires any effort once put in motion. But as with any machine, getting the gears started requires some old-fashioned elbow grease.

Setting up your own lead generation systems requires focus on five areas:

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Jumpstart Your New Year with Free PR Advice

The new year is an opportunity for reassesment and goal-setting for your business. Reviewing what worked and what fell flat in the past year can reveal new insights to bolster your 2017 PR and marketing initiatives. SKC is pleased to offer our blog readers a 45-minute complimentary consultation to help you jumpstart the new year.

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