5 Reasons Why The Competition May Be Getting More Ink Than You

Sometimes it is nothing short of mystifying when a competitor with lesser products, numbers, and brand recognition generates more ink than you. Just as the art of Chinese calligraphy is built upon layers of subtleties, spanning thousands of years of knowledge and imbued with the spirit of the masters, so are the complexities of telling your company's story.

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5 Messages Every Company Needs

Still searching for "the one"? For that perfect message, that is. Every company desires messaging that clicks with their customers and resonates loudly in the minds of prospective buyers and media. But creating the right perceptions isn't about having a single message. It’s about matching the correct messages, to the right types of audiences, at the right time.The secret to fantastic messaging is found in developing 5 key messages:

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How to Give a Great Media Interview

Companies love media coverage — it reaches a large and broad audience at virtually no cost. The news website Mashable gets over 36 million visitors per month worldwide. So you’ve got an interview, but that doesn’t ensure a story or guarantee “ink.” So be quotable.

Here are five tips for a great media interview.

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Four Commandments of Media Relations

Today's headlines across the world are filled with examples of bad media relations practices. From lying to spying, American companies and politicians at the highest levels are behaving appallingly and unprofessionally toward the media. A good media relationship is a blessing and a joy for any company, but it isn’t always easy to walk the straight and narrow.

When companies plan their media outreach initiatives, we should keep in mind these four commandments of media relations:


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5 Insider PR Tips for Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding is becoming more competitive by the day. And for good reason. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms provide a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators. That said, running a successful crowdfunding project is no small feat.

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5 Ways to Control Your Message in this Brave New World

The internet has forever changed the way news is distributed. From blogs to podcasts to social media and 24-hour online news, your customers are consuming information in a whole new way. Regardless of your company’s brand, service or product, the changing media landscape means more opportunities to get your company in the public eye. But are your messages registering with audiences in ways you intended?


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